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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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great. concern. you need. to look the. moscow. useless but home full russia's foreign minister sums up a new set of e.u. sanctions against the syrian regime. ukraine's gas pressure another winter of discontent looms as kid fails to reach a compromise with previously agreed fuel bills. russia pays its respects to more than three hundred thirty victims of the terrorist attack on the school seven years ago. international news and comment live from our headquarters here in central moscow where it's just past nine pm this saturday good to have you with us this hour
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europe is launching an economic offensive against syria this time targeting oil imports which russia's foreign minister says will be useless in solving the country's drawn out conflict signals comments came at a summit of c.i.s. countries where he also spoke about libya's new leadership. is there. so he a lot of criticized what is described one sided sanctions against syria including imposing in part on oil exports from the country sanctions are rarely the best possible solution he said and could even make matters worse earlier the european union imposed embargo on all experts from the country and western powers are pushing for farther measures against president assad the brutal crackdown on protests but russia's fears concerning sanctions against syria are justified as many believe that sanctions are the first step to repeat leave years disastrous scenario in syria russia calls for more cooperation rather than military action and
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today circular drop in particular said that moscow sent an official invitation to representatives believe the national transitional council to come to russia to discuss potential energy projects in libya but this party's daniel bushell report not everyone is eager to cooperate or even share with libya lining up for its look pretty energetic posits italy's top oil company only has already moved its workers back into libya britain's b.p. is said to be in private talks with the interim government french rival to tall did noise reports that france was promised a food of the country's forced reserves by rebels telegin pay france's foreign minister calls it a logical to favor those who backed the winning soit war against gadhafi is not even over but already appear to be fighting for the resources he wants control actually this war with this activism. it was
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a war of frost against italy. ownership of libya's oil say experts is key to control of the country libya's a very unusual economy in that it depended it depends entirely on oil production and the money coming from oil shale oil so crucial some libyans call foreign. an occupation which they say they will challenge but out of people who will not accept. a patient he was speaking it's a demonstration that split secure the north africans and europeans who oppose the takeover of libya's resources these people are denouncing what they're calling the looting of libya they say nato states stealing the country's oil under the pretext of helping its civilians libyan politicians say they should do ports and as it. is a population we have we have that i force out of the pen minish and we don't want companies
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to turn in our future but i'm listening robles a citigroup warding state told me hook them to power then you will sure see. libya's new leadership claims that rebel forces will lay siege to production strongholds until they surrender or storm them next week the national transitional council is moving to the capital from its base in benghazi kind of afi remains at large the atmosphere across the country is tense as people refuse to give up arms fearing for their lives they don't want to release billions of dollars of the former leaders frozen assets for rebuilding the stricken state and the rebels say china is trying to block the move some analysts watching the situation say united says only thinking of which. they carried out over twenty thousand sorties i personally seventy five hundred flights are going to occur three of six million people that has virtually no way our defense and a very minute and very limited military defense capability so this is clearly
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not a war on the part of the libyan people against the government but a war on the part of nato to really explore the resources in libya they had a meeting to discuss the future of libya in paris this meeting did not take place in africa it did not take place in libya it took place in europe and this is nothing but an attempt to colonize north. beginning with libya which has the most lucrative war resources in africa they have a higher standard of living in africa so this is clearly in our forced removal. regimes very similar also spoke out over nato is missile defense shield in europe which the u.s. is actively developing the russian foreign minister says there's no indication of washington's willingness to cooperate with moscow on the issue of the kremlin wants to create a joint missile defense system but the offers been met with a lukewarm response from nato on friday turkey agreed to host a radar for the west and shield and russia feels the system could threaten its
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security but brussels claims it's aimed against so-called rogue states moscow's requests for written guarantees are so far been brushed off by the alliance and while the u.s. remains reluctant to cooperate russia is working to make sure its own nuclear arsenal is in top shape and successfully test fired an upgraded version of its top all the mistakes on saturday with a maximum range of ten thousand kilometers it's capable of evading advanced missile defense systems and mobile weapons being modernized to make it even more difficult to detect which going to traditional say isn't in direct response to washington's plans for europe. well still ahead for you this hour here on r t v pressure to push aside part of the state of american plans to block the road to recognition in the upcoming u.n. vote on giving a voice to occupied palestinian territories. still to come but first ukraine is struggling to pay its gas bill to moscow but is ruling out merging its nationalized energy firm with russia's gazprom to try and lower costs present if it
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says kiev's proposals on the issue are not concrete and the current deal can be revised even unnaturally previous disputes left europe in the cold after transit supplies were cut as alexia chefs reports ukraine's busy looking for ways to go it alone. when the two thousand and nine disruption to european gas supply sparked when ukraine blocked transit of russian gas ended the continent gave a collective sigh of relief but the issue has remained a thorn in the side. hard for a discount from the current market price of four hundred us dollars four thousand cubic meters. we made ourselves clear if we want cheaper gas can integrate into a common economic space if they don't want out and give us a good commission offer like selling our gas transportation system to us they don't want any of those only discounts however it seems t. of is already looking for an alternative the state route it has signed an eight
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hundred million dollar contract with wild art shell to spore its reserves of shale gas but experts warn about the danger to public health that would what is the chill gases extracted by hydro fracking that means special chemicals are added to the water to break up the rock formations the components of these chemicals are kept secret by the companies in the united states and claim it's a commercial secret water laced with chemicals ends up in drinking water social gaston element poses a serious threat to the environment and health and apart from being seen as unsafe it is also described by many as too expensive and can hardly replace natural gas. we're watching the situation and within that local eatery buyable it will remain a local gas supply in the us it's impossible to extra gas to last a long years if you look at the shale gas players right now you'll see that most of them a losing money experts say shale gas reserves ukraine may be the biggest in europe
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but it may take up to a decade to develop them nevertheless he exclaims next year it wants less russian gas slashing the amount it plans to buy by more than a third a move that violates the two thousand and nine deal and could see europe's energy supplies once again on shaky ground another tussle over gas prices between here and north call left many warring in europe that there will be another gas war and another disruption of supplies into the european continent that the russian energy minister reassured that the events of two thousand and nine will not happen again and that there is still enough time to find a compromise solution alexy recess. see reporting from kiev in ukraine. dot com today our website for a while before we hear leaks is the whistleblower takes a hit from some of the world's biggest newspapers publishing it is it cables. check out our gallery of moscow's massive military taking place in
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a moment to me i call it red square where dozens of russian and foreign forces before most of the giving it their own. it's a. news and video report. it's . easy. to. see. the official anti allegation you on the phone or i pod touch from the top story. which all she is on the go. video on demand
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she's mine calls and says streets now in the palm of your. questions on the call for american lawmakers are considering changing the un's funding rules to effectively cut off the cash for any program supporting the palestinian bid for statehood the drop legislation says palestinian attempts to boost its voice on the international stage will undermine negotiations with israel but human rights journalist ramzy baroud says the focus should be on global sanctions against israel to kick start the peace process. but in order for peace to be achieved you have you have to have israel either concede that peace would have to be achieved or israel to be arraigned in as any other vulgar occupier of another country listening to commission or a recognition of a palestinian state and the is not going to reign in israel as of yet i think it's a step it's a crucial step and it depends on two major factors how will this international
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support translate in terms of action in the future and b. will the palestinian authority or will the palestinian leadership have the backbone have the have the courage to use that as a platform to acquire further international support to call for sanctions against israel to punish israel for the harm they have been doing to the palestinians or we come up with a succumb to american pressures a game because of the issue of funding we all know that the palestinian authority gets much of its money from from the united states and their allies will that money should prove again a factor in. preventing the palestinian authority from taking further steps to isolate israel internationally and and further bring palestinian rights to the fore of the international community. turkey's seven military ties with israel
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for refusing to apologize for killing turkish activists in last year's gaza flotilla right also expelled israel's ambassador former head of the israeli diplomatic mission to turkey told r.t. that the real threat is for israel to be left isolated in the region. is one is lost its closest friend in the region in the last two decades which is a strong bittle martic political blow also a strategic blow because the army's used mcwane to gether i think in addition on top of the damage to the bilateral relations we have to see if there will be a spillover to egypt and jordan i think this is the moment that we pickle if the question is about these wally politicians the only thing they can do now in the near future improving their relations with the palestinians sitting again and
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trying to reach an agreement i think the issue of the israeli palestinian relations will be the critical issue also regarding their relations with turkey i don't think that by lead to early something could be done now i don't think it's too late to apologize so i think by literally very little could be done things have to move regionally. u.s. markets have taken a nosedive as far as ever a new recession grow they were fueled by the worst jobs report in a year which showed employers had virtually stopped hiring trying to cast a general selectee believes that washington's under the impression that regular americans simply don't deserve a plane out. we know that the washington is talking about more austerity measures the same kind of voice parity measures that are rocking through europe as well what does that mean it means more cutbacks so at a time when the economy is already slowing down they created zero
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jobs which is just perfect for washington because they bad zero on just about everything that's thrown at a war on drugs wars in afghanistan were designed education you name it they add to it they do zero so what it shows us is that at a time when things are slowing down it's going to become much worse all of this hue east india lists all of the promised stabilises him bush talks where did the money go it's too big to fail so the money went all to the to big and the rest of the people are too small to say the gap between the rich and the poor is the widest in the united states than any of the industrialized nations and it's the same trend that's going on worldwide. america's decade long war on
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terrorism is one of the drains on the country's economy costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives later we also when it was really nice would say. the war actually inside the border but it's just my opinion but that's the european opinions of the street as you know the europeans they are not as aggressive in the war against the americans were in new york the epicenter of the nine eleven tragedy to find out whether people there feel safe. nearly a million people in the world are going hungry every day. in the united states even our trash cans are filled with food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked in even get all over the other ones
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just threw them all the way up and she's from the german alps you clearly like the upper five. in the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill the cake made from one dozen dumpster egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family make some toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of.
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kamil to nineteen minutes past the hour here in the russian capital the sky above the russian town of beslan turned white today as hundreds of balloons were released in memory of the victims of the country's deadliest terrorist attack and over three
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hundred thirty people died when a group of terrorists held around a thousand people hostage in a school for three days without food or water seven years ago is really no question over reports from the republic of. today is the third jail for mourning here in the smallest such an town of bassline where hundreds of people from across the republic of north the cessna are coming to pay their last respects the worst the victims of the busline siege the memorial service took place first at the ruins of the school number one where the hostages were house and then hand at the cemetery for the victims which is called the city of angels the names of the victims and there were three hundred thirty one people who were killed during the siege were read out to the sound of the ticking clock and during this time and it took more than twenty five minutes to read all the names people remained silent as the ruins of the school as one o five pm moscow time that's exactly the time when first explosions at the school
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ring out as church bells rang twice followed by a minute of silence and during this minutes most of the women started to cry and there was one woman she was times exactly close to us and she started calling for her son and she was calling so loud that it was a terrifying moment for many that the a bassline tragedy destroyed lives of hundreds over here in the north of such here and so seven years has passed the pain still remains. now to some other world news this is making the headlines of the world update the taliban says it's holding first pakistani boys who were kidnapped after mistakenly crossing the afghan border the boys aged between twelve and eighteen were visiting a nature support to celebrate the muslim facility when they were seized some managed to escape in the local authorities expression challenge in securing the most almost two and a hall of thousand kilometer range. in south sudan
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thousands of refugees are fleeing the disputed border region after violence flared up is the first outbreak of fighting since the country became independent in july the state of emergency was declared in the region on friday after clashes broke up between the forces and rebel groups. for south sudan's independence is claimed of lives. also in a world update this hour twenty one people are feared dead after a chilean military jet went down in the pacific ocean one body has already been found in the water the plane made two attempts to land before disappearing from radar among those on board were the chilean t.v. crew including one of the country's most famous presenters a search is under way for both the plane and the victims. of. the fast moving wildfire has broken out on a major interstate highway between southern california and las vegas in the u.s. a busy freeway was temporarily closed as the flames scorched the desert bush
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traffic queue for several kilometers as people try to head out of town for labor day weekend. they were retired from the u.s. military after years of commanding the wars in iraq and afghanistan he takes over the cia next week and wants to keep a firm hand on the money saying that any military budget cuts will hamper the fragile and reversible gains made by the armed forces. contributor thinks it's about time the pentagon cut its cloth. during his farewell address that fourth mayors and general petraeus touched upon several very significant things first the general cautioned against repeating american mistake after the vietnam war and to prevent hollowing the us army he also cautioned to keep counting insurgency doctrine alive and he called for maintaining good full spectrum operation
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capabilities for the united states forces the real danger for the plan to get into a twenty first century is not that the budget cuts might lead to hollow the army but the army itself is growing more and more irrelevant in vic conventional challenges at least for the united states for two reasons first due to the vast symmetrical nature of the occurrences over horizon challenges and secondly that it is more exception then as a rule but really the american g. i's being the most expensive soldier in the world it is the united states has to be a celestial war than anything else regarding the pentagon comes. in just every week america will mark a decade since suffering its was terrorism on home soil not in the the touchpaper for a war in terror that sold the us invaded iraq and afghanistan and eventually led to the killing of those on the bin laden but the scholars in new york remain very
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healthy people there whether they feel today's world is any safer. the so-called war on terror that launched after the tragic nine eleven attacks on the us has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars by some estimates so ten years later has the effort been worth it this week let's talk about that i think it's more secure now i think that i believe that yes is it trillions of dollars safer. i can say that i don't know the war actually and so i think more terrorizes. that's my opinion but that's the european opinion so to speak as you know the europeans they are not as aggressive in the war against terrorism as the americans so both america the u.k. anybody's involved in it just just back off. the fact that you know because if you
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to back away they've won. and you don't want to let the terrorists win so it's just it's not easy to come up with the right answer if anybody wants to you know to cause trouble or to or to provoke some kind of attack they can do so with or without a war so would you categorize the war on terror as a failure. as unnecessary do you think the world is safer because of it i don't know i think that we have been out of court waiting for to get in more than three hours and i think that maybe is excessive but i don't know so do you think that support giving up too much liberty in the world in the name of security i think that yes if the danger is very close we have to give more liberties and if the world becomes safer and maybe we can get them back you're ok with giving them up for a while yeah i think so we should probably stop using the word for starters and the war on terror stop using the phrase just it's just a stupid phrase and was coined for political reasons i think we should should stop
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using bad and just just do what needs to be done whether or not you think it's going. worth that for the bottom line is the war on terror has been bloody and costly and we still have yet to see any clear plan for it them. temperance upstate for the moment twenty six minutes past the hour now the public headlines after a short break stay with us here on our to. the
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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. and the worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. now one million year old war was promised for his camp. political must murder for the west. for many years in. general and the serbian army. hard. on archie.